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Scarecrow displays do not have to be motionless! Why not add some pizzazz to your scarecrow displays by animating them and adding sound effects or music?

The Dollin and Webster families have made a series of prizewinning animated scarecrow displays for the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival. Take a look at their four 'Scarecrows in Motion' displays featured below.

animated fire engine scarecrow ideaThe Strawy Fire Brigade scarecrow display featured a scarecrow steam engine with moving wheels and gauges, sound effects and billowing smoke. Scarecrow fireman, Sparky, sprayed scarecrow water from his hose and scarecrow fireman, Fritz, rang the fire bell and blew the whistle.
animated music hall scarecrow ideaThe Bicycle Built for Two scarecrow display featured two newly-wed scarecrows riding a bike, two dancing children scarecrows, a dancing music hall singer and a scarecrow that played old time songs on a piano!
animated Waltzing Matilda scarecrow ideaThe Strawy Matilda scarecrow display featured a horse that reared high in the air, a scarecrow ghost that swooped, three scarecrow troopers that fired streamers from their guns, and two 'bush band' scarecrows that played Waltzing Matilda on a piano accordion and a fiddle.
animated childrens song scarecrow ideaThe Old MacStrawy Had a Farm scarecrow display featured Pa McStrawy stroking his horse and Ma McStrawy rocking in her chair along to the old song, Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
Three of our animated scarecrow displays were set to music especially performed for us by Betty Wagner. Betty is a talented musican who has written a popular ebook for children on how to read those tricky music notes -- with ease!

Scarecrows can be animated by putting simple hinges or pivots in their frames. The kids in your family will have lots of fun making the scarecrows move by sitting behind them and pulling concealed strings or rods.

Or if you would like to go more high-tech, connect the moving parts of the scarecrow to small 12 volt motors such as those used to operate car windscreen wipers, so that your scarecrow can move automatically.

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Note: This page includes animated scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make: dancing scare crows, singing scarecrows and musician scarecrows.

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