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An artistic creationA Colourful, Creative Scarecrow Idea

(Milton Scarecrow Festival)

An easy novelty scarecrowA Novel Scarecrow Face Idea

A simple face made from a piece of fabric stretched on a frame.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

An artistic work of artAn Imaginative Scarecrow Design

The face of this scarecrow featured a set of fancy dress spectacles with multicoloured feathers.

(Milton Scarecrow Festival)

A novelty scarcrow ideaA Novel Scarecrow Man

This large 'tin man' scarecrow was made from lengths of flexible pipe and tubing.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Jack Skellington ScarecrowJack Skellington Scarecrow
and Zero, his Dog

Jack Skellington scarecrow from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and his dog, Zero, were the creations of talented scarecrow-maker, 'Suz Great Ideas' of Ocala, Florida, USA in 2006.

(Photographs contributed by 'Suz Great Ideas' of Ocala, Florida)

Zero the dog

Note: This page includes novelty scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make with an artistic style: colorful fancy dress scare crows, and unusual scarcrows made from novel materials.

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