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The clay pot style of making scarecrows can be done in a variety of materials as shown below:
Terracotta pot scarcrowClay Pot Scarecrow Idea

The basic technique is to use clay or terracotta pots of various sizes. Fit them one inside the other, or one against the other, so that they make the shape of a man. Attach the pots to one another by threading string or rope through the centre of each chain of pots.

Scarecrow made from plastic potsPlastic Flower Pot Scarecrow Idea

A variation on this scarecrow-making technique is to use plastic flower pots.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Tin can scarecrow ideaTin Can Scarecrow Idea

In this scarecrow idea, aluminium cans of various sizes have been strung together instead of flower pots.

(Milton Scarecrow Festival)

Note: This page includes clay pot scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make: clay pots, terracotta pots, plastic flower pots and even tin cans, aluminium cans or drink cans can be used with this scare crow making technique to make cute scarecrow men.

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