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scarecrow friendsA Sweet Scarecrow Couple

This delightful pair of scarecrows was sitting in a garden in Bailleul, France.

Mother and child scarcrow ideaMother and Baby Scarecrow Idea

Here is Ma and her baby sitting on a shed roof at the Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival -- They were sheltering up there from a 'bush fire' as part of the Strawy Fire Brigade scarecrow show.

(Scarecrows in Motion display, Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Grandmother and Grandfather scarecrow ideaGrandparent Scarecrow Idea

Grandma and Grandpa scarecrow were perched on a top floor balcony in this scarecrow idea at Milton Scarecrow Festival.

(Milton Scarecrow Festival)

Family scarecrow ideaMother & Kids Scarecrow Idea

This scarecrow display idea showed Mom scarecrow and all the kids enjoying the sunshine -- a happy scarecrow family.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

A cute scarecrow child ideaA Sweet Child Scarecrow Idea

This little scarecrow girl had a beautiful embroidered face and pretty wool hair.

(Milton Scarecrow Festival)

A pretty scarecrow kidA Ballerina Scarecrow Idea

This little scarecrow girl was dressed as a ballerina. She had long plaits and a gauze skirt and was efficiently transported to the festival in a stroller.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

A scarecrow boy ideaA Cheery Scarecrow Idea for a Rainy Day

This happy scarecrow boy with his colourful umbrella had a head based on a balloon lightly covered with paper mache.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Good friends scarecrow ideaGroup Scarecrow Idea

These three pint-sized scarecrows made an attractive group display.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Best mates scarecrow ideaHappy Couple Scarecrow Idea

Here is another happy couple of scarecrows stepping out for the day.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Note: This page includes kid, parent and grandparent scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make building a scarecrow family theme: mother and child scare crows, grandparent scarecrows and scarcrows of boys, girls and groups of good friends.

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