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Funny Scarecrows

Here is a clever scarecrow idea from John Kerry: Scarecrow in a Manhole! John says, 'There is no hole - just a painted wooden frame around his waist'! This display was in the Village Competition at Bratton Clovelly, Devon, UK.

scarecrow in a manhole
Bratton Clovelly Village Competition, UK

John Kerry also sent in this wonderful Gardener Scarecrow from the Bratton Clovelly competition in UK. John says, 'He had passing drivers stopping to help him'!!

scarecrow in a hedge
Bratton Clovelly Village Competition, UK

Here is a terrific scarecrow display by Haydn and Karen Williams and boys from Farlam Parish in UK. It seems that there is a bit of a problem with moles in Farlam, captured beautifully by this funny display! Photograph courtesy of Hugh Beesely.

(From Farlam Parish Scarecrow Festival 2010, Cumbria, UK)

The following hilarious display called 'Hijacked Henry' was made by Mike Pewtherer. The display won at the Hawthorne Valley Fall Festival in Harlemville, New York in 2009!

hijacked scarecrow
scarecrow carried off by crow
Mike Pewtherer's prize winning display with poor Henry being carried off by a huge black crow.

Stephen DeFlorio of Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA, says that we all need to lighten up life! 'Crows are fun to make and explore!' He has sent in the following photos of three delightful scarecrows that were not made for any scarecrow festival -- they just made his family and staff members laugh.

sleeping scarecrow
scarecrow and filing cabinet
wall climbing scarecrow
Photos of three funny scarecrows sent in by Stephen DeFlorio of Sudbury MA. Wouldn't they give your staff and visitors a laugh!

And here is a hilarious and very cleverly made 'Invisible Scarecrow' from North Carolina. Such an imaginative and funny idea!

Invisible scarecrow

This creative Invisible Scarecrow was made by Chris Rutherford of Asheville, North Carolina, just for fun and for the neighbourhood kids

Funny Scarecrow Names

Why not give your scarecrow a name with a pun. Here are some examples:

  • Tyranno-straw-us Rex
  • Frosty the Snow-crow
  • Little Crow Peep
  • A-crow-bat
  • Crow-bot
  • Double-Crow-Seven
  • Homer-Scare-Doh
  • Scarey Potter
  • Scarey Poppins

A snowman scarecrow

Frosty the Snow-crow, made by the Franciscus Family for the Hummelstown Scarecrow Contest in Hummelstown, PA. This beautifully-made scarecrow won First Prize!
(Photo courtesy of Colleen)

Or Give Your Scarecrow Display a Funny Sign

A terrific scarecrow at the 2006 Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival

Note: This page includes funny scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make.

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