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A scarecrow decorated with flowersA Flowery Maiden Scarecrow Idea

This scarecrow gardener looks colourful and attractive with her flowery sunhat and the small garden at her feet.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Gardening Scarecrow Ideas

(Milton Scarecrow Festival)

A floral scarecrow design Scarecrow idea with a wheelbarrow
A miniature garden scarecrowHere is a cute scarecrow idea for a miniature metal gardener carrying two baskets of flowers.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

A flowery scarecrow ideaAnd this scarecrow display has been prettily decorated with glittering CDs and giant flowers.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

And Some Farming Scarecrow Ideas

This Old MacStrawy Had a Farm display featured farmer scarecrows, Ma and Pa, along with a scarecrow horse, a scarecrow sheep, a scarecrow pig and many other smaller animals.

(Scarecrows in Motion display, Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Scarecrow Idea
Pumpkin headed scarecrow ideaAnd this novel scarecrow looks to be very keen on her farming, with her carved pumpkin head and carrot nose:

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Note: This page includes gardening and farming scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make: scarecrow gardeners, a scare crow flowery maiden and scarecrow farmers.

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