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Historic Event Scarecrow Ideas

Famous events and people from the past provide a rich source of scarecrow ideas.

This scarecrow by Mr and Mrs Freer of Farlam Parish in UK shows chief engineer, Joseph Bell, of the massive passenger ship, RMSTitanic, at the moment when this famous ship sank in 1912! This fabulous scarecrow display really tells the story well, doesn't it! Joseph Bell was born and had lived in the town where this scarecrow was shown. Photograph courtesy of Hugh Beesely.

(Farlam Parish Scarecrow Festival 2010, Cumbria, UK)

titanic sinking scarecrow

Here are some other ideas for scarecrow displays on historical events:

-- First landing on the Moon
-- Bonnie and Clyde
-- Women earning the right to vote
-- First aeroplanes
-- Florence Nightingale
-- Napoleon Bonaparte
-- Captain Cook lands in Australia
-- Astronomer Galileo
-- Christopher Columbus discovering the New World
-- The Magna Carta
-- Royal coronations

Note: This page includes celebrity scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make: scare crows about famous events and people in history.

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