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Cyclist Scarecrow Idea

There is a jaunty scarecrow on a bicycle that was photographed in a front garden in Bailleul, France.

horserider scarecrowHorse Rider Scarecrow Idea

Here is a beautifully made horse and rider scarecrow created by Steve and Kay Miller of North Carolina. He really looks ready to ride off into the sunset!

A creative sporting scarecrow ideaAll Round Sports Star Scarecrow Idea

This wonderfully imaginative scarecrow display uses many types of sporting equipment: a basket ball for the head, ping pong balls for the eyes, a skipping rope for hair, various rackets for the body, legs and arms, and darts for fingers!

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Scarecrow skier ideaA Snow Skier Scarecrow Idea

This sporty scarecrow skier came equipped with skis, poles and a ski jump.

(Milton Scarecrow Festival)

Scarecrow cricketer ideaCricketer Scarecrow Idea

Here is a keen sporting scarecrow ready for the outdoors, built in the traditional style, all dressed up for a game of cricket.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Scarecrow swimmer ideaSwimming Star Scarecrow Idea

This scarecrow display was based on champion Australian swimmer, Ian Thorpe.

(Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

More Sporting Scarecrow Ideas!

Many different sports and team events would make great themes for a scarecrow display! Here are some more sports scarecrow ideas:

Badminton Player
Baseball Player
Basketball Player
Hang Glider
High Jumper
Hockey Player
Long Jumper
Marathon Runner

Rock Climber
Rugby Player
Scuba Diver
Sky Diver
Soccer Player
Softball Player
Synchronised Swimmer
Table Tennis Player
Tennis Player
Volleyball Player
Water Skier
Weight Lifter

Note: This page includes sports scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make for an outdoor recreation theme. Use your scarecrow making skills to build scarecrow athletes: a scarecrow swimmer, a scarecrow cricketer, a scare crow skier or imaginatively decorate a scarecrow using sporting equipment.

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