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Here is a delightful traditional scarecrow which is also achieving its traditional purpose. This photo was contributed to our gallery by Mary Knox of Ireland.

traditional scarecrow

Mary said, 'I have hens, and the crows are a menace - lots of them in eating the food so I thought I'd try a scarecrow ... He has worked wonders - no crows for weeks now, and since i have made two more for neighbours with the same problem.'

More Scarecrow Ideas for Traditional Scarecrows

St Ives preschool scarecrow

This happy and creative traditional scarecrow was made by Kim Ng and the children of Christ Church St Ives Preschool. They named him 'MR. Scarecrow'. Great job, kids!

Whilst these scarecrows all have a fairly traditional form, the scarecrow makers have given their scarecrows a wide range of interesting personalities through the clothing, hair, hats and faces. The traditional scarecrow ideas, pictured here, include relaxed farmers, a business man and three quaintly dressed lively ladies.

(Top Row: Milton Scarecrow Festival; Second and Third Rows: Kurrajong Scarecrow Festival)

Colourful traditional scare crow idea A relaxed traditional scarecrow
Farming traditional scarecrow
A well dressed lady traditional scarecrow A smart business man tradtional scarecrow idea
A classic tradtional scarecrow
A whimsical traditional scarecrow idea
Note: This page includes a variety of scarecrow ideas for you and your kids to make traditional style scarecrows. Use your scarecrow making skills to choose faces, hair styles and clothing so that your traditional scare crow becomes unique and memorable.

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